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Young Christian Climate Network – Relay to COP26

Join us for the evening to hear about the Relay to COP26 which is being organised by the Young Christian Climate Network.

Come and hear about their motivation, and find out how you and your congregation can get involved. You will hear about ways to support them as they make their journey from Cornwall to Glasgow.

This is what the Young Christian Climate Network have to say:

The climate crisis is both the cause and result of deep injustice in the world. We believe in God’s imperative call to work for justice and repent of our broken relationships with our planet and our global neighbours who contribute least and suffer most from the consequences of climate breakdown.

That’s why we at the Young Christian Climate Network (YCCN), an action-focused community of Christians aged 18-30,we are organising a Relay from the G7 in Cornwall in June 2021 to the COP26 UN climate talks in Glasgow in November. We’re doing this as an act of solidarity and faith, believing that no country should be pushed further into debt because of climate change. Through the relay we hope to rally the church towards climate justice, so that when look back on 2021 we can say “we did not sit at home while unjust decisions were made on our doorstep, we set sail towards a just future.”

Please fill in the form below to join us on Zoom from 7.30pm on Thursday 17th of June.