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Let’s Talk about the Climate Emergency- New Clothes


Fast Fashion. Inexpensive clothing, produced quickly so that the latest trends are available almost instantly on the high street. Clothing that may not be of especially good quality, and may end up being thrown away almost as quickly as it is purchased. Low cost fashion? Perhaps the price paid at the till is low but what about the cost to the planet?

Join us for a discussion about fashion and the impact it has on climate change.

Monday 27th of September 7.30- 8.30 pm

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Creation Calls the Tune (Part 2)

It’s often said that our faith is shaped by what we sing, so in this time of climate crisis it’s increasingly important that we sing songs which connect with creation and the environment.

This zoom event will be led by songwriters and musicians and introduce songs which we can sing in church during Creation Time, in the lead up to COP26, and all year round.

We will hear from John Bell of the Iona Community, Joel Payne of Resound Worship and Iain McLarty of the Church of Scotland about songs in a range of styles, and from across the world, which we can sing and the stories behind them. All are welcome – no musical experience required!

Thursday 26th of August 2021 from 7.30- 9pm 

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