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The Circular Economy

The term ‘the circular economy’ has been talked about in the business environment for a few years now, but do you need to know about it? 

What are businesses in Scotland doing, and how might it affect you?

Come along to this Zero Waste Scotland workshop and find out more.


Climate Fringe Week

18 – 26 September 2021

During Climate Fringe Week we join with civil society groups across Scotland to celebrate and support all the ways you can engage in climate activism; be that as part of an organisation, with your friends, family or wider community.

With COP26 coming to Glasgow, this is a key time to bring about climate action and the Scottish voice should be louder than ever.



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Creation Calls the Tune (Part 2)

It’s often said that our faith is shaped by what we sing, so in this time of climate crisis it’s increasingly important that we sing songs which connect with creation and the environment.

This zoom event will be led by songwriters and musicians and introduce songs which we can sing in church during Creation Time, in the lead up to COP26, and all year round.

We will hear from John Bell of the Iona Community, Joel Payne of Resound Worship and Iain McLarty of the Church of Scotland about songs in a range of styles, and from across the world, which we can sing and the stories behind them. All are welcome – no musical experience required!

Thursday 26th of August 2021 from 7.30- 9pm 

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Creation Calls the Tune (part 1)

Awareness about environmental concerns and the climate crisis is at an all time high in churches, but how much is that reflected in our worship?

In this webinar we will hear from David Coleman (Environmental Chaplain, Eco-Congregation Scotland), Kathy Galloway (formerly Head of Christian Aid Scotland and the Iona Community, now writer and editor), and Wendy Lloyd (Faith Communications Coordinator, Christian Aid).

They will share resources which you can use in your congregation and help us explore deeper questions about how our worship and spirituality relate to our care for creation and desire for climate justice. All are welcome, whether you’re a worshiper, a worship leader, or if this is all totally new to you.

Join us via Zoom on Tuesday 17th of August 7.30pm – 9pm

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Embracing Greener Travel – Electric Vehicles.

As we aim to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint we need to consider how we travel. 

Electric vehicles are part of the here and now. Both the Scottish and UK Governments are working towards meeting emissions targets and Home Energy Scotland invites you to learn more about living with an EV.

This interactive workshop will cover the contribution EVs make to combatting climate change and aims to deal with the concerns you may have about ownership.

Join us on Wednesday 28th of July at 2pm on Zoom.

To complete the registration for this event please follow this link to the Home Energy Scotland registration page. 

Love Food- Hate Waste Workshop


This fun and interactive online session will help you to cut your food waste, save up to £437 a year and play your part in reducing the environmental impact of food waste, helping tackle the climate emergency and contribute to a greener Scotland.

As well as learning how to save money through menu planning, shopping smartly and using up leftovers, you will get the chance to enter a prize draw to win a £100 voucher.

The workshop is on Thursday the 15th of July from 7-8pm via Zoom.

We are delighted to be able to offer this workshop with the Energy Saving Trust which will be delivered by Changeworks.

To register for this event please click on this link. 



Embracing Greener Travel

Did you know that 45% of car journeys are under 5 miles?

We are delighted to be able to offer the chance to join the Home Energy Scotland advice team for a Greener Travel workshop, where we will be discussing why switching to electric vehicles and bikes are a greener, healthier, low-cost alternative.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday 13th of July at 5pm via Zoom

To register for the workshop please follow this link to the Home Energy Scotland registration page.

Embracing Greener Travel – eBikes

eBikes offer a great way to embrace  a greener way to travel around your home area. Eco-Congregation Scotland are delighted to be able to offer access to a Home Energy Scotland workshop which will help answer any questions you have about e bikes.

Join us online on June 23 at 2 pm via zoom, for a free 45 minute session with the @HomeEnergyScotlandSC advice team who will be take you through everything you need to know, including available financial support from the Scottish Government.

Please follow this link below to complete the registration for this webinar workshop.

Wednesday 23rd of June 2pm to 2.45pm