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Let’s talk about the Climate Emergency – A Low Carbon Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the coming of the Light into our world.

The streets are filled with coloured lights, shops filled with all sorts of things that advertisers suggest you must buy to make your Christmas perfect. Christmas Crackers, cards, wrapping paper, coloured foiled string, tinsel, decorations, garden ornaments, tree lights…. But how much of this will you be able to reuse and how much will end up in the landfill bin? Many of these Christmas “must haves” contain a lot of plastic and can’t be recycled. Are there alternatives to these?

Many of us will exchange Christmas gifts with friends and family. Will you have bought everything new from the shops or would you consider giving pre-loved items to friends and family? How would your child feel about receiving a second hand good as new bike? Is it ok to give second hand at this special time of the year?

Leftover turkey (and brussel sprouts)! How many households end up buying too much food for Christmas? A horrifying amount of food goes into the bin at Christmas time. Perhaps we need to rethink how we shop for our Christmas dinner and are there new ways in which we can use up our leftovers?

How can we reduce the carbon footprint of our Christmas celebrations?

Join us on Zoom for an evening of discussion about how we can reduce the carbon footprint of our Christmas celebrations.

Monday 20th of December at 7.30pm


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Let’s talk about the Climate Emergency – Our Global Connections

How we choose to live our lives has a direct impact on the lives of other people. The way we choose to travel, the food we eat, the way we heat our homes, our continuing demands for goods and services and the way we deal with the waste produced all have a direct impact on other people. Certainly the worst of the changes in weather patterns can be seen in other areas of the world producing severe storms and conversely severe droughts leading to famines and other humanitarian crises. Pollution of water courses and air as other countries attempt to recycle our rubbish affect the health of many people. Effects of global warming on our oceans and on plants and animals threaten the web of life. Inequalities can be seen too in the ability of countries to respond to the Covid 19 pandemic, with less affluent countries struggling to provide basic healthcare, sanitation and access to food.

In this month when leaders from many countries across the globe will converge on Glasgow for COP26 to consider how best to address the issue of climate change and agree a way forward working together, how will we respond to ensure a fairer world for current and future generations?

Join us for an hour of discussion about these issues on Monday 25th October 2021 via Zoom.  

Monday 25th October at 7.30pm 

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