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Season of Creation/ Creation Time/ Creationtide Resources Launch Event 2022

You’re invited to join us for the launch of  this year’s ‘Season of Creation’ resources on Wednesday 3rd of August at 7.30pm.  All text and video is downloadable for your own use and/adaptation.

As part of the global movement to encourage churches to dedicate Sundays in September and the first in October(closest to St Francis’ Day) to prayer action and reflection on our relationship with the Earth, once more we offer a variety of stimulating perspectives on lectionary readings and more.

Worship is now both in-person and online, and we hope to support you in both.

We’re grateful to the ecumenically diverse group of writers and artists who have joined EcoCongregation Scotland staff in preparing this material

Every Revised Common Lectionary reading is covered,  with written reflection, with some video too; there  are prayers which can be used and adapted for your services  each week:  and you can get in touch if you have ideas you’d like to share.

The ‘Thematic’ section is a delight, with reflections not tied to prescribed readings,.

New this year is the growing collection of ‘Stilling videos’ – short reflective items in a peaceful location, which can lead into prayer or worship. None runs for longer than 2 mins 20 seconds. It’s an idea borrowed from ‘Forest Church’ groups, and of course, you can also make your own.

There will also be full-length ‘major reflections’ (videos for a sermon slot) for each of the five weeks. These are currently still in preparation and will be with you shortly.

If you would like to join us via zoom on the evening of Wednesday 3rd of August at 7.30pm please fill in the form below and we will send you the link.