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Let’s talk about the climate emergency – Storms and Weather Patterns

As Scotland comes into the spotlight hosting COP26, due in November 2021, it becomes imperative that Scotland’s churches join the conversation and take action on the Climate Emergency.

One of the most powerful ways we can encourage change is in talking, listening and telling our stories. Eco-Congregation Scotland has produced a pack of monthly themed resources to help congregations begin a series of  awareness raising conversations about the Climate Emergency and to encourage everyone to take action.

January is the month where we are focussing on the effects of climate change on the weather patterns.

Join us at 7.30pm on Monday 25th January 2021 to take part in the discussion.

January is often a stormy month in Scotland. Wild, windy weather batters our shores from the Atlantic, causing mountainous waves to overtop coastal defences. Cold northerly air flows bring snow, piled high this beautiful white substance can change our noisy, busy towns to silent deserted places.

Scientists talk of the many effects of global warming, with increasing numbers of extreme weather events seen all around the globe.

Conversation Starters:

  • What changes in weather patterns have you noticed in your lifetime?
  • Talk about times when the weather has affected your plans to do things.
  • How do you feel about global warming?
  • What are your hopes and fears about the climate emergency?
  • Do you know what our governments are doing to address climate change?

You can download our January pages here and the full year’s resources on this link.

Please fill in the form below to join us for an evening of discussion on Zoom.