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The Circular Economy

The term ‘the circular economy’ has been talked about in the business environment for a few years now, but do you need to know about it? 

What are businesses in Scotland doing, and how might it affect you?

Come along to this Zero Waste Scotland workshop and find out more.


Climate Fringe Week

18 – 26 September 2021

During Climate Fringe Week we join with civil society groups across Scotland to celebrate and support all the ways you can engage in climate activism; be that as part of an organisation, with your friends, family or wider community.

With COP26 coming to Glasgow, this is a key time to bring about climate action and the Scottish voice should be louder than ever.



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Making Things Last

“Four-fifths of the carbon footprint generated by Scotland comes from the products and materials we use.  So is recycling the answer or is there another alternative?

Come along to our workshop with Zero Waste Scotland to discuss some easy steps we can all take to make a difference”.

Saturday 21st of August at 4pm on Zoom

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Ditching Disposables

Is plastic the enemy?

What are the alternatives and are they any better?

And what can you do to reduce your consumption of single-use items?

Come along to our workshop with Zero Waste Scotland to find the answers to these and many more questions.


Saturday 19th Of June at 11am on Zoom

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Energy efficiency in homes and small businesses

How do you make your home more energy efficient? Are there ways to save money on your heating bills? Could your small business be more efficient?

Come and find out more from Dean Wigglesworth (Home Energy Scotland)  and Ryan Felber (Energy Efficiency Business Support Service), who hope to help you answer these questions.

Register using the form at the foot of this page to join us via Zoom, on Monday 8th of February from 7.30 – 8.30pm. 

Dean Wigglesworth is an adviser with Home Energy Scotland, based in Inverness. He will share his knowledge and expertise in  energy efficiency in the home. He will also offer advice on managing our fuel costs.

Ryan Felber is the Local Business Advisor for the Energy Efficiency Business Support Service based in Inverness. Ryan has over 7 years’ experience supporting organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and identify costs savings in access of £440,000 annually. Ryan understands the numerous challenges small business face in particular those in more rural and off grid locations.

The programme offers free support to Scottish based SMEs – small and medium-sized businesses and organisations. Ryan’s presentation will cover the support and funding available through this programme as well as how to access it.

The Energy Efficiency Business Support Service (formerly known as Resource Efficient Scotland), launched in 2013, and is a programme delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, It is funded by the Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund. The programme offers free advice and technical support as well as the sharing of best practices and new technologies.

Embedding Energy Efficiency within Scottish organisations makes a significant contribution to the achievement of the Scottish Government’s strategic economic objectives, climate change, energy efficiency and zero waste targets. Each year over 34,000 individuals from a range of organisations access the programme for support from the Service.

This event will take place via Zoom, on Monday 8th of February from 7.30- 8.30pm. 

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