Annual Gathering 20th April in Grassmarket, Edinburgh

You can now register for the Eco-Congregation Scotland Annual Gathering taking place on Saturday 20th April at the newly completed Grassmarket Community Project Hall in Edinburgh.

We are pleased to announce that one of the workshops will be run by Pete Richie from Whitmuir farm, who will share with us his experience of running a co-operative organic farm involving locals in the production of organic produce.

The aim of the farm is to be productive, beautiful, diverse and educational.

Whitmuir Farm is owned by Heather Anderson and Pete Ritchie, who have lived here for 10 years.  The farm itself has been here for over 300 years and, like most farms,  has been farmed organically for most of that time.  We returned to full organic production 10 years ago. The farm is run as a trading partnership with Heather and Pete as the Partners.


Photo of Heather Anderson and Pete Richie borrowed from:

We farm organically because we believe it to be the only way to farm sustainably.  Organic farming is better for the soil, the plant, the animal, the planet and us.  We aim to produce good, healthy food which doesn’t exploit the the animals and the people who grow and produce it or the soil and natural environment.

Being organic is non-negotiable here, so everything in the shop and restaurant is either certified organic or, when no organically produced equivalent is genuinely yet available, environmentally friendly and/or ethically produced.

Our farm and our butchery are both certified by the Soil Association, who inspect annually.  The SA symbol on our meat and vegetables and fruit means we meet the very highest welfare and production standards.

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You can print out the registration form or complete a Word Version of the form and it email it to us. You can also register by calling us on 0131 240 2277.

Read more about the Gathering here.