Be still…. Videos for download and reflection.

‘Stilling videos’ to begin worship or parts of worship or study, either online or in person.

Please Download to use. Feel free to use soundtrack as provided, or your own if you prefer.

In gratitude to Forest Church, where the idea seems to have originated.

*Running time 2 mins 20s or less.

Titles so far

1: Trees by living water (Glen Etive)

2: Sanctuary (young swallows in Iona Abbey cloister pend) (With reference to welcome for Refugees)

3:Jackdaws and the Moon ( jackdaws on the roof of Iona Abbey) .

4: Tombolo: St Ninian’s Isle, Shetland

5: Sandmartins (sand martin colony on the Machair at Iona)

6: “Spread the word…” (a song thrush at twilight).

7: Gannets at Hermaness Shetland (60.8 degrees north)

8: “Let those who have ears…….: (How responsive are you to the warning sights and sounds/signs of the times on which your life depends?)

9:”On the rocks” ( seabird colony)

10: Sunrise and tide (Iona)

11:”Seapink” (robust flowers by seashore)

12: “Wind in the branches” (the relationship between trees and wind)

13: “Arrochar Alps” (from a walk up Ben Vane).

14: “Castlerigg” -( at the exceptionally located stone circle in northern England)

15:“Major Oak and Dandelion” the different scales and timescales of plants that share a habitat )

16: “Of the heavens…” Birds make the sky “heaven” ( cf many many Bible references ) Seabirds at St Abbs Head and Inner Farnes in extreme slow motion.

17: Megalith and cotton grass. A very ancient monument out on the peatland of Shetland

18: Still as the Earth: From Forsinard Flows, blanket bog and carbon sink, in the Flow Country

19: Led beside waters : Eas Fors waterfall Isle of Mull

20: How life flows : Waterfalls near Ben More, Mull

21: The Last Tree of the Forest: The Capon Tree, near Jedburgh ( in winter, with buds )

22: 1000 years in God’s sight (under the canopy of the ancient Ormiston Yew, snowy surroundings)

23: Let there be light: Whitelee wind farm, which “keeps the lights on” with sustainable energy

Please do download to use.