Christ’s disregarded pioneers

On the occasion of COP 26 and thereafter….

( cf Psalm 40 from v 9, Matthew 5 1ff James 2 etc)

CM – e.g   Stracathro, University,  Lyngham,  Martyrdom, but choose according to the mood of the service.

1) When nations gather, Earth will cry

As those ground down will shout

For God gave the despised a voice

No door can keep them out.

2)Though riches block ears; blindfold eyes;

the razor wire of wealth

imprisons those it would protect

endangers all life’s health

3)Our home’s  beset with what we’ve done

compounded and unjust 

with rising seas and choking air

a crisis of mistrust

4) The blessing in plain sight is this:

to hear and heed with haste

Christ’s  disregarded pioneers:

lest God’s good Earth be waste.

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  1. Tim

    This is / these are hugely supportive and encouraging, thank you. I’ll use it at Session and on Sunday.

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