Climate Justice at St. Peter’s

In advance of the baton’s arrival, St. Peter’s R.C had an Eco-Night with their youth group where they played a World Statistics Game, watched the animation of Laudato Si and talked about Eco-Congregation. This helped prepare for the arrival of the baton and participation in Sunday Mass.

st.peter's rc

The congregation of over 300 got to see the Baton on display as they arrived in Church before the it was taken into the Children’s Liturgy (pre-school to P4), explained and passed around. At the end of Mass, the young people formed a chain down the central aisle, and passed the baton from one to another before it reached Lewis and Mgr Kerr (pictured).  All the while, a commentary from the pulpit explained about the baton, Eco-Congregation Scotland, and the UN Conference. Lewis and Mgr Kerr led the special prayer which was written by our Chaplain, Trevor Jamieson, and all members of the congregation participated aloud.