Creation Time Week 1

.Formal Prayers for all 5 weeks: Rev Andy Braunston

GreenStarters for all 5 weeks: Rev David Coleman

Isaiah 35: in Lego: from the Dobson Family, Dunscore

Poem on Isaiah 35: Dr Rosemary Power

The ‘Judge with evil thoughts – video sketch based on James 2, Rev David Coleman

Text version:

James 2: All-age resource: Valerie Cameron

Imaginative prayer on James 2 Miriam McHardy

James 2: 14-17: Faith and Works: Marian Pallister

Notes on Mark 7:24-37, Richard Murray

Reflection : ‘The Earth, including us’ Video and text

Gospel reading: by Jo Clifford

Location reading of Psalms

Psalm 125 

Psalm 146