Disinvesting from fossil fuels

Could your church divest this Season of Creation?

As our scorching summer gradually begins to fade into autumn, Operation Noah is inviting local churches of all denominations to make divestment commitments during the Season of Creation (1 September – 4 October).

For churches without existing investments in fossil fuels, this would simply involve a pledge not to make such investments in the future.
By making a commitment to divest (disinvest) from fossil fuels, your local church can send a powerful message about the need for urgent action on climate change as well as keeping up the pressure for national Churches to divest.
For more information, please contact Operation Noah or visit the Bright Now website: http://brightnow.org.uk/action/divest-your-church-season-of-creation/

If your church would like to join the divestment announcement at the end of the Season of Creation, please email richard.collettwhite@operationnoah.org by 12 noon on Monday 1 October. We look forward to hearing from you!