Eco-Congregation Award for St Ninian’s Old Parish Church, Stirling

St Ninian’s Old Parish Church has received their 1st Eco-Congregation Award. Congratulations!

Photo of church kindly provided by Donald Reid (

Principally the award was awarded for:

– The remarkable, extensive and innovative project to reduce the carbon footprint of the Parish Halls and the church, including an air heat pump system, improved insulation and secondary glazing achieving 50% reducing in energy consumption. Replacing the high energy use and inefficient electric radiator is particularly impressive. Increase of usage as a result of improvements is obviously an added bonus.

– The way in which the work on the church building has been used to help people think about environmental matters in other parts of life, so that many members of the congregation are now looking to do similar things.

–  The various activities by different groups in the church to include and embed creation care themes into the worship and devotional life of the church, including in the children’s educational programme, the bible study group and the ongoing stewardship work.

– The waste recycling systems that have been put in place and planters which have been built and installed in the grounds of the halls.

– The use of the bi-monthly magazine to report on progress and provide carbon cutting ideas.

Well done!