From the waters’ fond embrace ( Hymn for lent 1)

Sea Baptism, by a Zimbabwean church group in Hove.

Tune : ‘Aus der Tiefe’ 77 77
(Baptism and Temptations, especially Mark)

1)From the water’s fond embrace
Earth’s Beloved grasped the sky
torn apart, yet bound to Earth
wings the calling amplify.

2) Driven out where people aren’t
Wilderness, yet filled with life
At the mercy of the Earth:
‘Self-sufficiency’ would kill!

3) Nonetheless, survival’s hard:
shared with wildlife, by God’s grace
learning how the ravens feed;
forced to live at angels’ pace.

4) All the answers, offered free!
Sheer perfection within reach!
God’s in charge, so take a leap!
(Christ rejects what greed would teach.)

5) God is with us, oft unknown
If we’re here – then God is too!
Every help and every breath
you for me and me for you.