Home by another Way – Advent after COP

An alternative, ecumenical, international, environmental, Advent Calendar

Posts will be added throughout the season, starting with Advent Sunday: 28th November,

All videos are readily downloadable via Vimeo.: This page may be a day ahead, for technical reasons

Day 5: 2nd December: Hope in Apocalypse

Day 4:1st December :Nations in turmoil over climate crisis. Opening Filmed in a ‘Plenary Hall’ at COP

Day 3: 30th November: The sustainable community

Day 2: 29th November: Don’t look away

Day 1: 28th November :The Branch of Justice

Day 5: 2nd December: Hope in Apocalypse

Day 6: 3rd December: “Stand up and raise your heads…

Day 7: 4th December: The trees are alert

Day 8: 5th December: Cleaning up our act

Day 9: 6th December: What we need to know

Day 10:7th December: Love overflowing

Day 11: 8th December: What is wilderness?

Day 12:9th December: Location and message

Day 13: 10th December: Transforming the landscape

Day 14: 11th December: A life-inclusive promise

Day 15: 12th December: Responsibility for disaster

Day 16: 13th December : the shame and the lame

Day 17: 14th December: The Water of Life

Day 18: 15th December: The welcome for snakes

Day 19: 16th December: The right trees in the right place

Day 20: 17th December: Give us resources!

Day 21:18th December: Winnowing!

Day 22: 19th December: Generations to come

Day 23: 20th December: The scattered proud

Day 24: 21st December : Word from the people who walk in darkness

Day 25: 22nd December : as people rejoice when dividing plunder

Day 26: 23rd December: No room at the inn

Day 27: Christmas Eve: Mangerside report

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