Hymn poem: God is love for all Creation

Copyright Yvonne Bell” And God saw that it was good

God is love for all Creation

(for the days/Sunday of All Creatures, Souls and Saints)

Meter:  8787D  eg Abbot’s Leigh, Hyfrydol, and many many more in the metrical index of most hymnbooks


1)God is love for every creature.

God whose image our kind bear

And the church called to be teacher

And practitioner of care

List’ning for prophetic voices

Of the Earth, the poor, the sky

Interweaving, ever cycling 

Though a mystery, love is why.


2) God sustains, remakes all living;

Gives humanity as gift:

Tilling, keeping: we are medicine:

We, Earth’s blessing, spoiled by grift;

Jesus teaches: “love your neighbour

recognised where need is met”

Sky and soil and sea and stones, though 

sore abused, teach justice yet.


3) So attend to all the lessons:

all the loving warnings given: 

Cries of Sky and Sea and creatures,

from the Tree where nails are driv’n.

Faithfulness requires repentance:

transformation of our heart.

Injuries to Earth make urgent 

healing: listen: today we start!