Hymn Poem – God the Sustainer

(To go with Exodus 33:12-23 Matthew 22:15-22) Meter 11 10 11 10 – Was Lebet, Was Schwebet [Brightest and best…] CH4 327 or CH4 634

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1) God the Sustainer is God who embraces

weaves and connects all that’s known and obscure;

Seas and the skies suffer human injustice:

Earth shares a voice with the downtrodden poor.

2) God in Christ Jesus speaks love full of warning:

counsels we build on the rock, not on sand

teaches alertness and wide-awake walking

faith is God’s gift for the good of the land.

3) Kingdoms will suffer from violent corruption –

Even the Kingdom of Heaven itself 

Earth, God’s Creation, is balanced in beauty:

fragile, our friend, needing care for good health .

4) Nothing we do, say, or pray is irrelevant:

neither to neighbours next door, nor afar.

God’s is the glory that’s known in Earth’s goodness

Empires do fall, when such truth they ignore.