Hymn Text for Lent 5: what will change your life’s direction

Meter 8787337
Use with John 12:20-33. The emphasis not only on the turning point, but the re-useability of revelation, and the Word of God : ‘I have glorified it and will glorify it again’.

(e.g. use with Groeswen, ( uplifting) or ‘Meine Hoffnung’ ( haunting) or Michael, ( hopeful)
If with Michael, then you may prefer to add the word ‘loud’ after repetition* in verse 2

1)What will change your life’s direction?
Whose the story you need hear?
Which of all our fellow creatures,
when endangered, we hold dear?
All alike face the threat
Christ, alert, alongside, yet!

2)Prophets, pilgrims, foolish martyrs
Gave their all to warn and guide;
Seeking signs and scanning stories
till it’s time to fling gates wide:
“God won’t hide turning tide!”
-glory’s repetition, *cried!

3)Christ, with mission and momentum
building on his own land’s creed,
recognised the common calling:
sky and soil and flesh in need!
Once again, Jesus’ reign
active for a world in pain

4)Tipping points and one-way journeys:
Glory and God’s word, employed;
love re-purposed, re-committed
lest green beauty be destroyed
Once more, Christ, dawn’s bright ray:
hope from crisis, crafting day.