Hymn text: Jesus help us, when our friends….

Jesus help us, when our friends…
(for Mark 8 31-38) .
(for those difficult times when our conviction and commitment puts us at odds with family or friends. Verse 5 sounds a note of caution. We too can be wrong)

(Meter 7777) (Suggested tunes: St Bees, Monkland, or many other possibilities. Even ‘Jesus loves me this I know’ without the chorus).

1)Jesus, help us when our friends
though they care, though love transcends,
might, through friendship’s best intent
undermine and circumvent.

2)Justice often counts the cost
healing Earth, and saving lost;
Change of life too much to pay?
-“try again another day!”

3)Friends will do their best for you
Jesus cared for his friends too:
tempting him to quiet life
flee the cross, divert from strife.

4) Jesus loved his friends you see:
loved enough to disagree.
loved enough to risk a rift
when decision must be swift.

5)Friends and family may be wrong
though your love for them be strong:
Test the spirits, pray you’re wise:
in dark night to seek sunrise.