If rulers are from God

Young climate protesters at the Scottish Parliament 2022

God and Politics

For use with 1 Timothy 2:1-7 or other passages

Meter 8886  e.g. Saffron Walden, Childhood

it is, of course, absurd, to say, or tolerate the saying, that ‘religion and politics don’t mix’, since both are concerned with the good of people and planet.  The Timothy passage can. however, be read in a way which encouraged quietist disengagement.  

This hymn poem disagrees

1) If rulers are from God, it’s plain

they’ll always seek the common good.

So Christians pray, and give support,

where justice is assured.

2)When rulers lie and cheat and steal;

with malice, trample on the weak

then still we pray, protest and vote;

speak out, when called to speak.

3)God, even-handed sends the rain

bright Sun, through leaves; Creation’s fuel.

Our choices have their part to play:

the web of life’s renewal….

4) When rulers act to tend the Earth:

-every transition must be just-

with all good will, our prayers and more

give power and hope and trust.