In the midst of it all

In the midst of a Blue Zone session on the role of parliamentarians… things are happening, surprising togetherness with those who are charged with holding governments to account…

The Blue Zone is an amazing place … so many disciplines, expertises, coming together.

I’m therefore coming down so far well outside any obligatory narrative that COP will ‘fail’ . The cynicism which characterises the whole thing as a waste of time should be devoutly resisted .

Transition is imperative , but there is a remarkably widespread recognition in what I’m hearing, that the job of government will be in engagement with the public; ignorance is a liability, informed and functional democracy, like spirituality, assumes the role I perhaps always hoped it might.

Civil society has a role, and, like the empowerment of women, this is an imperative, if any action is to be carried through. The old mantra of ‘education education education’ has a continued or recycled place in every nation.

Decarbonising an economy is of course a much bigger matter than dealing with the Pandemic.

From the way it looks outside of this particular hothouse , one wonders why it’s not all more obvious. But then when have we challenged or encouraged our neighbours? When have we written or spoken encouragingly to our own elected representatives at all levels .? One more, for people of faith : what are we here for? Why are we gifted with the obligation t seek Good News for Creation? Dear God, help all of us value our place, purpose and particular gifts…… and get on with it!