Lent 2023 Resources:

From the Tree to the Tree: 5 major reflections

(Sermon-slot length: expect to be challenged)
A tree was planted to acknowledge the footprint of each.

All 5 now online and downloadable

Easter Sunday material here [Filmed at Rosslyn Chapel]

Watch this space for something for Palm Sunday

Lent Week 1: Thoughts on Beauty, Angels, Temptation and Climate Crisis, filmed under Ormiston Yew, where John Knox preached 500 years ago

OT reading Week 1


LENT WEEK 2: The convergence of wind and power, farming and conservation at Whitelee Windfarm provide an environment to think about how good things can coincide rather than be exclusive alternatives.

Reading [OT only ] for week 2



Our thirst for water and for energy



NB For those who need Mothering Sunday: try :https://youtu.be/hE-fei6kZLA

For Lent 4: A necessary questioning of the shocking stories underlying what seem to be straightforward Scriptures .


LENT WEEK 5 : Beyond “Too Late!”

NOTE: Contains skeletons and other bones. (Because it’s based on the greatest creepy story in the Bible ) COPYRIGHT: Uses Public Domain Mark 1.0 music: completely safe to use).