New Scottish Government Campaign to promote Greener Lifestyles

The Scottish Government has launched a new campaign to encourage people to work together to reduce Scotland’s carbon emissions and live more environmentally friendly lifestyles.  The campaign uses a television advert to encourage people to visit a new web site This contains information themed around the ten key behaviour changes the government are concentrating on along with a very clever tool called My Greener Plan that assesses visitors’ current environmental behaviour and suggests small changes which would make a difference. People can opt to register for the service and receive updates and further suggestions.

Here is the TV ad:

This campaign fits in very well with the work of Eco-Congregation Scotland because we are using the same ten key behaviour changes as a framework for our work with church congregations and members.

We encourage people to visit the web site and use the information and  My Greener Plan. The intention is that the amount of information available and links to other organisations will continue to grow.


The Ten Key Behaviour Changes

These were identified by the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Behaviour Research Programme.

Home Energy

1. Installing a more efficient energy system or generating your own.

2. Keeping the heat in.

3. Better heating management.

4. Saving electricity


5. Becoming less reliant on the car.

6. Driving more efficiently

7. Using alternatives to flying where practical


8. Avoiding food waste

9. Eating a healthy diet high in fruit and vegetables, locally in season where we live

10. Reducing and Reusing