Prayer after COP

Dear God of before and during and after;

God, Sustainer, Christ the Servant

from the beginning choosing 

partnership with Earth, whom you made;

We thank you for the togetherness; 

for the joy of protestors and prophets

the persistence of those who prayed.

We thank you as those who have found new answers

to the question of who, or what

might be my neighbour.

We thank you, with eyes wide open

to the unabated urgency of change


in all those ways of rich and powerful people

and the exploitative philosophies 

that upstage and pull rank

over mere  faith and hope and love.

We thank you for 

the green and ancient wisdom

of Bible, people, Earth and Spirit

which still cares as for family

for fellow creatures…

because they are!

(And worshippers as well!)

We thank you for all the missing pieces

coming to light 

of our interwovenness and dependence 

on what we thought was merely beautiful 

and therefore expendable

though beauty should have been enough.

Yet remembering the last laugh of the Cross

echoing through the empty tomb

We set aside the stifling worry of tomorrow

to deal with what we’re up to eyes in today.

And since the problems are not simply solved.

by nations and by leaders,

we find, refreshed, our place and purpose valued;

our small commitment blessed.

And paths of justice bright for all to see

with this new day of many.