Prayer for Day of Care

Sanderlings on Iona North End beach

As the World Church gathers in Karlsruhe for the Assembly of the World Council of Churches:

1st September is the beginning of the Season of Creation and the ‘World Day of Prayer for Care for Creation. As I’m in Karlsruhe as an observer (annual study leave) here’s a reflective contribution to that day…


Note: I hope we are recovering from the damage done by over-eager theologians who some while ago maintained – in defiance of the exemplary life of Christ – that Christian love can only be 100% self-giving, self-sacrificing.  That and the equally harmful, entitled  and imperialist suggestion that the church is an organisation concerned only with the care of those who are not its members.   Care is much more nuanced and interactive than that….especially care of Creation, who cares for us.

Created, we are sustained.

Not past: ….right now

Not looking back.

(We’ve done enough of that!)

for so much lies before us:

and Christ….

Christ walks beside us.

Showing us the wisdom 

of the trees and the birds and the Earth.

Christ be sharing with us

as in prayer of word and thought

and prayer embodied as action and commitment

we seek the Wild Wind Spirit’s help and guidance

to renew and repurpose your Church

keeping  faith

with fellow creatures 

-known and unknown-

on whose care for us, unbeknown 

we have always depended:

That family of the Earth

whose value and whose rights

so vastly exceed whatever price

with which we brand them;

with which we discount them.

Christ teach us again that Kingdom

you brought within our reach:

to live the Way the Skies are Ruled

whom birds make Heaven;

into whom trees breathe life

that we may breathe at all.

And  Christ, as you gave all,

and yet enjoyed hospitality:

(needing to be strengthened and prepared for that giving)

Liberate in us

that powerful  balance of giving and being given

making and making new:

a path and a direction for all who have breath…

though now, for now, 

even Heaven suffers;

cries with all Creation

May we add this cry:

Break down the barriers

of race and class and  species.

And fill the gap with respect and order.

of predator and prey

of life and decay

of death and hope

that even endings be beginnings.

Show us what and how to value

What you sustain and love. 

Yes, love.

And loving, care.

And caring listen

And listening change.

Through Christ, the Word, the Flesh.

That’s us!

And as Jesus loved to say:

AMEN: get on with it!