Season of Creation 2022: Major Reflections (for download)- Sermon-slot material for online worship:

This is a Season in itself, created during a retreat experience, staying at Loch Ossian Hostel, on Rannoch Moor (only accessible by train). Expect to be challenged.

Week 1: Choosing Life: [13 mins 50] available for Download in up to 4k.

Heeding warnings …. NB Includes one shot of a dead bird.

Week 2: Honour the Lost [12 mins 56 ] available for download in up to 1080p [4k from mid August]… Who is lost, who is not, and do we listen to the voice of God in those we have marginalised and despised?

Week 3 : Jesus blunt and wild

Week 4 : Net Zero Life . NB: some consideration of death and bereavement, including one shot of a funeral.

Week 5: Roots in the Earth, Roots in the Church