Season of Creation 2022 Thematic Items

And God saw that it was good – Liturgical artist Yvonne Bell

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  1. Net Zero Prayer: downloadable video and PDF: approaching the Net Zero ambitions of the churches as a response of faith.
  2. Thematic Reflection from rev Fiona Bennett, General Assembly moderator of the United Reformed Church
  3. Glasgow Multi-faith Declaration – leading up to COP, people of faith discovered both common ground and common responsibility : check the signatories as well as the text.
  4. Two poems by , by poet Lorn Macintyre: Lusan: a moving poetic memory of Scottish rural wisdom. And ‘The new Calvary’ – a reflection on the purpose of prayer, inspired by the experience of extreme weather, made more frequent by climate change. Downloadable video and PDF
  5. reflection on Season of Creation by ‘Green Christian’ Chaplain Rev Andrew Norman. Downloadable video.
  6. ‘Psalm of Questioning’ by Rev Dr Nicola Robinson, ordained this year, candidating via Silver award EcoCongregation Augustine United
  7. Fly-on-the wall video from the faith bloc in the Great Climate March during COP in Glasgow
  8. Grace Cube: Instructions and PDF for a food celebration, from Robert Ritson, in training for ministry in the Scottish Episcopal church
  9. A tale of two Jameses: former Climate Change Officer and veteran of global environmental gatherings Adrian Shaw reflects on what is learned from different ways of looking, rather than merely speculating, about the Creation we encounter.
  10. Season of Creation Global: Link to the wider international and ecumenical SOC movement

Net Zero Prayer


Thematic reflections from Rev Fiona Bennett: General Assembly Moderator of the United Reformed Church. Downloadable PDF


Glasgow Multi-Faith Declaration for COP

A demanding commitment from people of many faiths, to which Christinas can in good conscience, add their wholehearted support.


Two poems by Lorn Macintyre: Video and downloadable PDF


A video reflection from Green Christian Chaplain Rev Andrew Norman


Psalm of Questioning : Rev Dr Nicola Robinson

Fly-on-the -wall video from the Great Climate March during COP in Glasgow.


A Cube of grace: recipes and blessings, by Roberta Ritson, Scottish Episcopal Institute


Meme-able graphic from a real conversation: “Granny, don’t say “it”!

“Who not it:” The adult rebuked, by Rosalind Hines St Andrews Churches Eco Group

A tale of two Jameses: EcoCongregation volunteer and former staff member Adrian Shaw

Link to the wider ecumenical and international Season of Creation movement

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