Season of Creation 2022 Week 2: September 11th


This week,   

Having been given by God an insight into the harm done by greed and domination  of people and Earth, Jeremiah [Jeremiah 4] is deeply troubled, as Roberta Ritson, in training for ministry in the Scottish Episcopal Church, investigates.

In Exodus 32, Moses stands up to God – and total disaster is averted, though damage is done:  crises leave scars!

The Psalms, where they’re not simply read devotionally, flowing over us in worship rather than becoming pause for thought, need some very careful and pastorally sensitive handling – not least Psalm 51, with the idea that the writer has been astray since the womb!  EcoCongregation Scotland Chair  Richard Murray considers.

Our prayers come from a wider selection of contributors: Gillean Richmond, of  the Presbytery of the South West of Scotland, who undertook a placement with the EcoChaplaincy as part of her training for Church of Scotland ministry;  Rev  Dr Nicola Robinson, minister in the Leeds URC partnership,  (ordained this summer), who candidated from Silver Award-winning EcoCongregation Augustine United in Edinburgh,   alongside   Richard Murray and EcoCongregation Scotland Staff

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  1. Stuart Campbell

    Cheered by listening to week 2 video. Seems to apply to us(me).

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