Season of Creation 2022 Week 3: 18th September


A week full of the implications for people of faith of living in times of injustice. Not forgetting that the climate crisis is the product of consciously chosen human actions.  

All our God-given gifts of alertness, craftiness,  and readiness to act are called for. The full repertoire of ‘Christian character’, especially for the powerless, comes into focus

Jeremiah 8 considers the harm that is done when we offer allegiance to ‘gods’  lacking love and concern for fellow creatures, human and otherwise.

The shocking tone of Psalm 79 helps us to wake up to the relation of politics, war and environment.

Historian Dr Rosemary Power gets to grips with the frequency misunderstood “fierce letter” [1 Timothy 2] which is certainly not written with the intent of creating of the church a harmless and compliant body, not daring to disagree with lies and injustice amongst the powerful.  

Rev Julia Meason of Orkney provides prayers

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Major video reflection “Jesus: blunt and wild”

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