Season of Creation 2022 Week 4: 25th September


Jeremiah [32] uses traditional and ancestral  land rights to undermine the idea that we completely possess the Earth, rather than enjoying God’s gift of the right to live from the land. Indigenous peoples of today would understand this. Do we?

Psalm 91  poses questions of our assurance in the solidarity of God when disasters really do happen. Is it naive and deceptive, or a help in building our spiritual  resilience to live on with hope through the reality of today?  Rev Ruth Harvey, Leader of the Iona Community enlists the tenacious help of the small pink flower of thrift in her reflection in the Psalm, also on downloadable video 

Members of the EcoCongregation at Dunscore explore with Amos 6, in video and words, the ultimatum God pronounces on the toxic  luxury of the ‘loungers’ whose unjust excesses are at the cost of fellow creatures.

And globally respected speaker Rev Canon Dr Rachel Mash, Environmental Coordinator at Anglican Church of Southern Africa  offers a reflection on the spiritual poverty of the rich man who somehow manages to be oblivious to the plight of Lazarus on his very doorstep. In a world of highly sophisticated communications, everywhere is ‘on our doorstep’.

In the prayers section, we offer (also on video, recorded at Isle of Colonsay Parish Church) a prayer placing the net zero ambitions of our churches firmly in the context of a response of faith, as well as opening prayers from Rev Dr Nicola Robinson, now  minister in the Leeds URC partnership,  (ordained this summer), who candidated from Silver Award-winning EcoCongregation Augustine United in Edinburgh,

Downloadable PDF of Lectionary Resources

Dunscore church’s prayers and reflection ( talking boilers)

Major video reflection:

Gospel reading associated with this reflection :

Net Zero Prayer