Third Eco-Congregation Award to Dunscore Church

Dunscore Parish Church has received their Third Eco-Congregation Award. Congratulations!
March 12th 2012

We would like to specially highlight:
– Their whole heated and continuing support for the twinning project with Lumbuto Church in Zambia. This clearly enriches the life of both congregations and brings a different and exciting perspective to their Eco-Congregation work.
– The commitment to reducing the church’s carbon footprint by 5% a year and encouraging others in the congregation and community to do the same.
– Their use of local produce, which, in turn, supports local producers.
– Setting up and promoting a local Freecycle scheme













This is the 5th Eco-Congregation Scotland member to receive a third award!

You can access the March 2012 edition of their magazine by clicking on the link: Dunscore Parish Church Magazine

We hope many of you will be inspired by this fantastic achievement.