Third Eco-Congregation Award to Fairlie Parish Church

Fairlie Parish Church has received their Third Eco-Congregation Award. Congratulations!
December 19th 2011

We would like to specially highlight:
– Achieving a lot with a small team, whilst also facing the difficult situation of having a vacant ministerial position.
– Embedding the environmental message within all the work of the church, including the policies of using Fair Trade produce in the café and even the flowers on a Sunday.
– The use of both creative and fun ideas, including the swishing party, which the Sunday School then used to start an initiative donating to the charity shops.
– Supporting local initiatives in Fairlie, concerns within Ayrshire and for wider global issues.








This is the 4th Eco-Congregation Scotland member to receive a third award!

We hope many of you will be inspired by this fantastic achievement.

Merry Christmas!