Trouble the waters

Lighting you only get for about a minute after sunrise.

156 Trouble the waters

(Tune: Blessed Assurance  99 99 and refrain)

Use with John 5, making sure you use versions which include the ancient, though not universally transmitted words about the angel who ‘troubled’ the waters, leading to healing.  If it’s too long a sing, omit verse 2.

1) Trouble the waters  when they are tame:

Send out the angels: hot-foot the lame! 

Turn all the tables, wake up the Church:

Ears to the ground, and minds to research.


Soaring with stories, feet on the ground

Mystic, realistic, God’s flesh and bone:

Christ for  all creatures, eager to heal;

Urgent, inclusive,  with us, and real.


[2) Crisis, our homeland?, faith shines our way!

Christ is our wild one: loves come what may

Preaching of hope, though disaster may loom

Never denying danger of doom.]


3) Business as usual’s killing the earth.

Jesus transforms: gives alternative worth:

Life and compassion, creatures diverse

Joy love and hope healing apathy’s curse.


4) Trouble the waters, set the Earth free:

Damage is done to the air and the sea

Yesterday’s deadline silently passed:

Light in the dark days : this is our task!