We are equipped in heart and mind

We are equipped in heart and mind 

(for Job 38:1-7 (34-41)

Meter 8886

Tune: e.g. Saffron Walden ( CH4 553) , Childhood***  (615 in R&S)


1) We are equipped in heart and mind

to intervene and smooth the way;

yet vain ambition to control

rejects, neglects God’s love.


2)We may disrupt, deduct, destroy

the seasons’ regularity:

the rocks’ suppos’d eternal strength

deep-founded in God’s love.


3)We’ve cause to sing with trees who breathe

and grow and shade and feed and house 

the birds who make sky heaven yet,

the Earth’s full of God’s love


4)With predators and prey we live

A woven tapestry diverse

threadbare through greed, injustice-worn

take warning from God’s love.


5)We will not know,  know-how, God knows 

Why bees with flowers dance for joy

We can describe and measure, yet

the answer’s in God’s love.

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