Word on the Wild Side: Lent thoughts to prepare for COP

A word about ‘A Word’

Noting that people are now beginning to put stuff up for Lent…..

These texts arose from an invitation to provide a series of short reflections in Lent, for Glasgow’s online Christian Radio Station, Radio Alba, as part of a spiritual preparation for the Conference of the Parties (COP) United Nations Climate Conference  due to take place in Glasgow in November 2021 .

As chaplain, I’m suggesting that the best preparation is to do so in the framework of regular worship and Bible Study

Given their short form, you’re reminded that these pieces are to provoke reflection. You might look in vain for specific  recommendations on insulation and church heating, but you’re clever enough to find those elsewhere. 

Links to the audio versions below

It’s OK to disagree, but  better still if you examine why you do.

The texts are also provided here as a PDF ( below the sound links)


Fifth word: For fifth Sunday in Lent