Thank you for your interest in Eco-Congregation Scotland. We invite your congregation or parish to join our movement. There are well over 500 eco-congregations in Scotland. To join them you need to register.
The main things you need to know about registration:
  • It is free to register - although we do encourage membership for your church to become more active in the charity and support our Local Networks.
  • You do not need to have done any environmental work to register as an Eco-Congregation. Registration is a statement of intent - that your church is concerned about the environment and wants to do something about it in the future.
  • It is simple: fill out the online form or print out a registration form and post it back to us.
Registration gives you access to:
  • recognition of the church's environmental work by being able to call yourselves an eco-congregation. Further recognition through the Award scheme (if you choose to do this later as member).
  • support through our Local Networks and Programme Coordinators.
  • information through free resources, and the newsletter.

How to register

[These details are for enquirers from Scotland. Visit the Eco-Congregation international web site if you are from elsewhere.]

Step 1 - Get Approval from the Congregation or Parish

As this a commitment by a congregation or parish, we need approval from its decision-making body. This varies by denomination but it could be the Kirk Session, Vestry or Parish Council - or it could be a pastor, minister, priest or other clergy.

Step 2 - Fill in the registration form

Select an option:

Online registration is quickest and we will email you a copy of your form for your records.
If you decide to download the form you will need to print it, fill it out and send it back to us in the post. If you are unable to use the online form or download a copy please contact us and we will post a paper copy to you.

Step 3 - Choose your membership status

Membership gives you access to our Award scheme, and allows you a say on our future direction. It is free for low income churches, although we always welcome donations. If you choose to become a member, please use our membership form to select your membership band and pay if required.

Please contact us if you need help or advice about our membership process.

What happens next?

We will:
  • Send you a certificate showing you are now a registered eco-congregation which you can put on your church notice board.
  • Register you to receive our next newsletter and other useful publicity material.
  • Introduce you to our programme coordinators and environmental chaplain who will be able to help you develop the environmental and spiritual activities in your church and guide you towards application for one of our awards.
  • Connect you with your local Eco-Congregation Network covering your area of Scotland. Your Local Network is the main place where you can get support and advice.
We recommend that you start working on the Church Check-Up straight away as it will help you prioritise which activities you would like to concentrate on, and is required to achieve your first Eco-Congregation Award.