Ideas for Action

Eco-Congregation Modules

Ideas for Action

These resources are designed to assist congregations develop an understanding of God as Creator, and practical ways in which they respond to this.

The Ideas for Action are offered as a resource to help you explore issues, learn together and grow as an eco-congregation. You may choose whether to use them – or not. It is not a course that you have to work through step by step and it is not necessary to complete them to become an Eco-Congregation.

There are three cores areas:

• Spiritual Living
• Practical Living
• Global Living

Within each core area there are “Ideas for Action” with links to video and online materials as well as written components. Everything is downloadable and printable. If you are unable to do this we will be happy to send a copy in the post so please contact us.

All congregations using our Ideas for Action should first register, and registered churches can also order printed copies. Find out how to register.

All our resources may be freely copied and distributed within your church, but please credit Eco-Congregation Scotland.